Statistical Tables

Dear Senior Pastor:

It will soon be time again to prepare your church’s Statistical Table Reports. Please share the info below with the people at your church responsible for submitting your church’s statistical information.

This year each church will again be using GCFA’s EZRA system to enter their statistical information online.  Please submit your 2015 Statistical Tables 1, 2, and 3 information via EZRA by Friday, January 29, 2016.  To access EZRA, go to .  You will be asked to enter your user name, which is the GCFA number for your church (available in the list of GCFA church numbers linked below under Additional Resources).  You will also be asked to enter your password, which has been re-set as “makedisciples”.  You will be asked to change your password when you sign in for the first time this year.  Please contact me if you have any issues logging into the EZRA system.

If absolutely necessary, you may also submit hard copies of tables 1, 2, and 3 to me by mail, via fax to 602-266-5343, or via e-mail to, and I will input the data into EZRA for you. 

The prompt input and accuracy of this information directly affects your church's assigned apportionments for the year 2017.  This information is also critical for use by the General Council on Finance and Administration in analyzing denominational trends.

Please Note: Desert Southwest Conference apportionment calculations are based on the following:

            Table 1            Line 9
            Table 2            Lines 46 - 57 (Lines 51 – 62 last year)

Note that your beginning membership number provided on Table 1 agrees with the ending membership number you reported on last year’s Table 1.  If that beginning membership number is different from your records Do Not Change The NumberInstead, you should effect a correction by adding to line 2c or by subtracting from line 5c to cause the ending membership number to be correct.

Please!  Please! Please! after preparation of your reports but before submitting them, compare your 2015 information to the 2014 data provided in EZRA.  Make sure that any significant variances from 2014 to 2015 are reasonable and truly reflect a change in your church’s operations.  In fact, EZRA will require you to provide brief explanations for significant line item changes from last year.  We have found that these actions on your part enhance considerably the accuracy of the data submitted.

Other important points to note when completing these Tables:

  • Please make your “best-guess” estimate of membership race/ethnicity on lines 9a-9g of Table 1.  If it is left blank, we will either have to call you or put in our own estimate.  Your estimate will undoubtedly be more accurate than ours.  The same applies to gender identification on lines 9h-9i of Table 1.
  • The information for lines 35-42 and 45-47 in Table 2 does not need to be provided since the Treasurer’s office already has it.
  • Please provide the funding source information in Table 3 to the best of your ability and compare funding totals to expenditures for reasonableness.

To aid us in compilation of these forms, please round all numbers to the nearest dollar.  If you have any questions concerning these forms or individual items on the forms, please contact me at 602-798-8212 or 1-800-229-8622, extension 212.

Remember, the deadline is Friday, January 29, 2016.  Your cooperation in meeting this deadline is greatly appreciated.  It will help us generate important information to be used in developing the 2016 apportionments budgets.  Thank you.

Randy Bowman, Conference Statistican

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