Photo Directory

Bad HeadshotIdeal Headshot

Please submit your photo to Communications before July 1, 2016 by clicking here. Examples of bad and good head shots are on the right.

Photo specifications for the 2016 Journal Directory with all clergy, assigned pastors, and all lay members to Annual Conference are listed below. 

    • high resolution head shot (don't be shy about asking us for help on this)
    • simple/plain light background (blurred out background is ok if face is not blurred out)
    • plain, light-medium colored top/dress
    • pony tails not required

Please submit the original image file. Do not embed the image in a Word .doc or a PDF. We would love to help you with your photo or schedule a photo shoot. Please contact us if you are planning to stop by the Conference office. Questions about this project may be directed to the Communications department at

Deadline for photo submissions is July 1, 2016.