Participating in online meetings and webinars

The Desert Southwest Conference uses  "Adobe Connect" for online meetings and webinars. In order to participate, you need the web link to the meeting room (the meeting room addresses look like ""). The online meeting room is best experienced on a computer, rather than a mobile device (tablets, phones), and if there will be audio broadcast during the meeting, instead of a conference call, be sure to have your computer speakers turned up. Instructions for entering an online meeting room:

1.  Click on the meeting room link (or paste the address into your browser's Address box), which should take you to a web page looking something like this:

Adobe Connect login example

2.  Once the page is open, look to the left hand side of the page and use the "Enter as a Guest" option. Enter your name in the box, and click on "Enter Room."

3.  You will see a "loading" indication, and then be taken to a "meeting room" window, where you will see rectangular boxes, containing elements of the online meeting or webinar.

Depending upon the configuration of the meeting/webinar you are attending, you may see a "chat" box that can be used to communicate with the presenter and/or other meeting attendees. If there is a "Files" (or "File Share") box on the screen, you may download any files listed there by first single-clicking on the desired file, and then clicking on the "Save to My Computer" button at the bottom of that box. Once you click on that button, if you don't see a "Click to download" link on your screen, you may need to switch back to your browser window on your computer (or tablet) in order to see the download link. If invited to do so, you may also use your webcam in the "Video" box.

When the meeting has ended, you simply close the window.

Having trouble?

If you are accessing the stream on a computer, you may want to update the (free) "Flash" software on your computer, here:

If you are watching on a mobile device, you may need to install an Adobe Connect "app" to allow you to view the stream.

Another option that might help is to install the Adobe Connect "Meeting Add-In," a small program (for PC or Mac) that will display the content of the stream instead of having it appear in your web browser. You may find that free program here:

When connecting to the AdobeConnect site, you might see a "security certificate warning." You should click to proceed to the site, as it's fully secure. If you're using Internet Explorer, you may need to change your "default" Internet security settings are set to "medium." You can find this in Internet Explorer under Tools, Internet Options, Security, default security.

Video streaming is optimized for high-speed internet, such as DSL or cable.

Due to Internet "bottlenecks" (traffic jams, so to speak), the video will occasionally appear to "freeze" during a broadcast, but it usually resumes normal display after the traffic subsides. If you notice other problems, or aren't able to successfully enter the online meeting room, please contact the DSC Computer Systems Manager at