Living Timeline - Telling Our Stories

The United Methodist Women Living Timeline started out as a multimedia digital and offline exhibit. Artwork, poetry, videos and essays were submitted by members to honor United Methodist Women members who have done extraordinary work putting faith, hope and love into action. Some tributes were of active members who were bright lights within their units and communities, while other tributes honored those members no longer with us. The stories were displayed on the United Methodist Women’s Facebook page, Pinterest and at the 2014 We Make It Happen United Methodist Women’s Assembly in Louisville, Kentucky.

Telling our stories to each other is easy because we are sisters in Christ and understand our work in mission. However, for our stories to grab the attention of outside audiences such as The United Methodist Church, faith-based organizations and the news media, we need to learn how to become master storytellers.

Our work needs to be widely known to various audiences and Our Stories: A Living Timeline is one way to show the impact United Methodist Women has historically had on social justice, racial and women’s issues.

For nearly 150 years, United Methodist Women members have done God’s work to ensure women, children and youth live better lives. The next five years leading up to the 150th Anniversary will be a time of celebration! It will also be a time of reflection, a time to ask ourselves, what will our legacy be? What more needs to be done?

Now is the time to regard our work, look around and remark on the brilliant ways members, leaders and units have contributed to God’s call for us: to put faith, hope and love into action.

Leading up to the 150th Anniversary, we want the story of United Methodist Women members in mission to go viral. Yes, we help raise money for mission and serve the goodies at coffee hour, but we have put faith, hope and love into action as changemakers for millions of women, children and youth for 150 years!

History of Your Local Unit/Circle

• Chronicle the founding members’ steps and their mission.

• What global mission initiatives were started in the beginning?

• What mission work did members do within the community?

  is important to look back at the accomplishments of our units and/or circles. Doing so allows us to gauge the progress we have made in the lives of women, children and youth. It also helps us to assess how much more work still needs to be done.

Ultimately, it will give our sisters in Christ (other United Methodist Women local members) an opportunity to see different areas of mission work being carried out in our communities, country and world.

Your Unit/Circle’s Mission Story in the Present

• What is presently happening within your local units?

• What does mission work look like now for the local unit and for the community the local units serve?

Just as it is important to look at past accomplishments, it is meaningful to share the current mission work being done now.  What are individual United Methodist Women local members doing to put faith, hope and love into action? Lift up the stories of one or two members that demonstrate exactly how individuals make a difference.

The Trailblazers Within Your Unit/Circle

There may be a unit leader or member who should be lifted up or remembered for their exemplary work or leadership role. Sharing tributes about United Methodist Women trailblazers demonstrates the power the individual spirit can have on some of God’s most needy people.

                                                               -Our Stories: A Living Timeline       

                                                               A DYI (do it yourself) Guide for United Methodist Women

Desert Southwest Conference United Methodist Women will be creating a specific Facebook page on which to share “Our Stories”, as will women across the country on their own pages.

Click here to see a page with stories from other United Methodist Women to give you an idea of stories that might be submitted. 

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Legacy stories written by women of the Desert Southwest Conference can be found on Facebook at