DSC Notes

DSC Notes

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To share Conference-wide news, please contact communications@dscumc.org before 5:00 p.m. on Thursdays. Flyers, Photos, and Videos can now be included in the ministry news. The information will be added to the Conference website, published through social media, and included in the Weekly Digest on Tuesdays. Below are a few categories that are considered Conference-wide news and can be included in the Weekly Digest.

Prayer Notes: Prayer requests, death notices, and other items of concern can be sent in this content area (Example: Death of a clergy, conference leader, or their spouse or children).

Mission Notes: Items about mission opportunities and mission related information can be sent in this content area (Example: Need for supplies at Conference outreach facility).

Young People Notes: Items related to youth or young adult issues, events, or concerns can be sent in this content area (Example: Annual youth event).

Justice Notes: Information on events and happenings around issues such as fair wages, civil rights, and much more can be shared in this content area (Example: Budget rally).

Immigration Notes: Information involving immigration issues and the church's response to those issues.

Camping Notes: Information on camping and retreat ministries can be shared in this content area (Example: Early registration deadline).

Event Notes: Information about Conference-sponsored events and other events of general interest to the DSC community.

Miscellaneous Notes: Items that would not be covered by other targeted content areas or would fit into multiple areas can be sent in this content area (Example: Important news interview).

In addition to these optional content areas, all DSC Weekly Digests will include links to Desert Connection articles, the Conference Calendar, and notices of upcoming deadlines.